TERRAN DAILY shares her own experience of how to work with children to change their behavioral patterns, so that everyone in the family can be happier and more peaceful. I had a visit from my 7-year-old granddaughter Zoe some time back. Zoe is definitely one of the sensitive, strong-willed, electrically alive New Children, and life with her is not always easy. She had been taking up to an hour for simple tasks like eating a meal, brushing her teeth, and getting dressed. She would jump up and down from the table like......

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Being Arjuna

Hi, I am Arjuna. Aeons ago I faced a severe emotional crisis – what and whether, to do or not to do. Standing between two warring armies, in the battle between good and evil,...

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The need to love

DR ICHAK ADIZES shares his thoughts on the most important need for all human beings. There are a lot of theories on human needs, like to reproduce and to feed, where the common denominator...

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