Taste of life

Heartfulness yogasanas – navasana

NAVASANA Lie flat on your back with your legs straight and together. Keep you arms by the side of your body with palms facing downwards. Breathe in deeply and retain the breath inside. Simultaneously raise your legs, arms and shoulders off the ground. Ensure that your arms and legs remain straight. Point your arms towards your feet. Stretch and tense your whole body, and feel the tensing of every muscle. Try to hold this raised position for as long as possible, while retaining your breath. Come back to the floor. Relax in......

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Prayer in Color – An Art Essay

Prayer in color

AN ART ESSAY SYBIL MACBETH can’t remember a time she didn’t pray, but she also can’t remember a time she prayed ‘well’. The practice of ‘Praying in Color’ was born when her desperation to...

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Lessons from the Garden – Raspberries as Agents of Change

Agents of change

LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN ALANDA GREENE explores the topic of perception. Her experience of picking raspberries in the garden becomes the catalyst for understanding the importance of looking at life and situations from many...

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Cultural Identity

Cultural identity

An Art Essay by the Joliet Mural Artists KATHLEEN SCARBORO is one of a school of artists who have developed the ‘Joliet style’ of mural painting in Joliet, Illinois, near Chicago. Here she shares...

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Potato Treasure – Lessons from the Garden

Potato treasure

Lessons from the Garden ALANDA GREENE continues her personal understanding of life from her experiences in the garden. This time, potatoes shed light on consciousness and the ever-expanding need for authenticity and self-acceptance in...

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