Taste of life

Re-establishing the connection

RAJEEV JAISWAL enjoys being in nature. Here he muses on our interconnectedness. The human being resembles a tree; its root is a covenant with God. —Rumi It was another beautiful day. I was roaming around in the serene environment of Kanha Shanti Vanam when my eyes stumbled upon a tree dancing in the breeze. I was mesmerized watching it. I looked at nearby trees and found that they were also dancing in their own rhythm. All the trees seemed to be very happy, which made me happy. I recalled the days when......

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A PHOTO ESSAY The Masai Mara National Reserve spreads over 1,200 square kilometers across the southwestern part of Kenya, Africa. In August 2018, SATVIK SWAMINATHAN had the opportunity to visit these sprawling grasslands and...

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Sanctuaries in the Wilderness

Sanctuaries in the wilderness

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and author of three successful books, including Sacred Mountains: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Meanings, DR ADRIAN COOPER has been fascinated with wildlife and conservation since early childhood....

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Lessons from the garden – blackberry learnings

Blackberry learnings

LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN ALANDA GREENE witnesses a lot while working in her garden. This time it’s the ripening of blackberries that provide the lesson on patience and acceptance of the processes of Nature....

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Heartfulness Yogasanas

PACHIMOTTANASANA   Stage I Come to Dandasana. Open the legs and stretch them as far apart as possible without bending your knees. Try to bring both legs to approx. a 90-degree angle. Breath in and...

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