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Heartfulness Yogasanas – Halasana – Supine Poses

SUPINE POSES HALASANA From Sarvangasana, slowly lower both feet toward the ground behind the head, without the slightest strain. If possible touch the toes to the ground behind the head; if not possible allow the feet to suspend above the ground. Keep the legs straight. If your toes are touching the floor, put your hands flat on the ground behind your back, palms facing the ground. If your toes are not touching the floor, support your back with your hands, to avoid straining your back. Keep your knees straight. Point your toes in......

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Heart Roots

Heart roots

ROSALIND PEARMAIN looks at the emotional issues facing young people today, and shares her research findings on the importance of feeling safe and grounding ourselves in the inner shelter of the heart. It seems...

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Bhikku Monks

Bhikku monks

AN ART ESSAY The Buddha said: These four are the foodstuffs, ye bhikkus, which sustain the creatures that are born, and benefit the creatures that seek rebirth. The first is edible food, coarse or...

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Lessons from the Garden – Earthworms & The Unseen

Earthworms & the unseen

Lessons from the Garden ALANDA GREENE explores the question, “What am I not seeing?” and celebrates paradox, impossibility and synchronicity through her musings on earthworms. I grew up in a city at a time...

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