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Your brain on night shift

JAMIE NOTHSTINE is an emergency room nurse, a certified Primal Health Coach, with a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and Bachelor Degree of Nursing. She also has a passion for fitness and nutrition. Here Jamie shares her personal tips for working night shifts as a health professional, and still getting regular rejuvenating sleep. If you work the graveyard shift, do any of the following sound like you? Brain fog Tired Cranky Always hungry Often sick Overweight Headaches Depression Anxiety After working the night shift for nearly 11 years, I definitely checked most of......

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The heartful leader - part 8

The heartful leader – part 8

Extraordinary outcomes through inspiration BUILDING TRUST AND RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH BEHAVIOR SHIFTS In previous articles RAVI VENKATESAN  introduced the Heartful Leader framework, and explored Reputation, Trust & Relationships and Outer Behavior. He also explored what...

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Tuning In

Tuning in

RAHUL MEHROTRA shares his experience as a busy cardiologist who also loves bird-watching and meditation. It has been more than a decade now that working as a cardiologist, watching birds around my house, and...

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