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leadership from the heart - part 2

PRAKASH SESHADRI takes the reader from survival mode to a mature leadership model, by sharpening Emotional and Spiritual Quotients through the practices of meditation, introspection and inquiry. Is there a way to move from a survival mindset to a growth mindset? Do we understand how human beings evolve their competencies? Are we clear on the role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership? Does the heart have a role to play in sharpening our leadership skills? Challenges to Graduating Up the Competency Spectrum Why is that some people do not learn fast, and what......

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The heartful leader - part 8

The heartful leader – part 8

Extraordinary outcomes through inspiration BUILDING TRUST AND RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH BEHAVIOR SHIFTS In previous articles RAVI VENKATESAN  introduced the Heartful Leader framework, and explored Reputation, Trust & Relationships and Outer Behavior. He also explored what...

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