Thought in action

The heartfulness negotiator – part 8

In the previous articles of this series, RAVI VENKATESAN explored factors that influence the outcomes of our negotiations. Many times, we are not even aware of these. We discussed how prior disposition comes into play, coloring our approach even before we begin. We reviewed how feelings and emotions in the heart vacillate between opposites, making us take positions that are not in our best interest. We also looked at how our ego, intellect and mind create their own distractions. In this final article, we’ll bring it all together and evolve a simple......

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The business of being

The Business of Being: Your Soul Purpose In and Out of the Workplace by LAURIE BUCHANAN is a book that maps personal transformation at the intersection of business and spirituality. Merging the language of business and...

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ELIZABETH DENLEY explores the role we can play in each others’ growth, and how this changes the atmosphere in any workplace. It is greatest to believe and to hope well of the world, because...

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