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December 27, 2022
SUBHANGEE GHOSH is a college student from Kolkata, India. She tells the inspiring story of her father, who overcame all obstacles of childhood blindness to help others. This story won Subhangee second prize for college students (19 to 25 years) in the Heartfulness International Essay Competition 2021. To some people he is their God, to... View Article
December 26, 2022
NICOLE CARTER is Michigan’s “High School Principal of the Year, 2022.” Nicole and two of her students, LINA IYER and PRIYA IYER, share how they have been ensuring that Novi High School is a place where students feel they belong. “Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow.”Helen Keller NC: Fostering... View Article
December 4, 2022
SMRITI NARAYANAN is a high school senior from Austin, Texas, who enjoys researching the various impacts music, the environment, and interactions have on the human brain. Here she explores the soothing effect of the sounds of nature. Think of the soft pitter-patter of raindrops and the gentle tumbles of a stream nearby. Think of the... View Article
December 4, 2022
December 4, 2022
KUNAL DESAI is an infectious diseases clinician from Ohio, whose research highlights the relationship between gut microbes and health. He explores how an imbalanced gut microbiome can affect our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to disease – physical and mental. Inner harmony is key, he suggests, and meditation can help us achieve It. Various events... View Article
December 4, 2022
Dr. KRISHNAMURTHY JAYANNA is focused on the big picture: how do we ensure health and well-being for all? Here he writes about Sustainable Development Goal 3, the importance of Integrative Health, and the actions we will need to make to realize that goal. The third UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is about health and well-being.... View Article