Issue 12

Children, Issue 12 |
October 02, 2016


Dreamcatchers have always been used as charms by Native Americans. They are hung above the bed, to protect sleeping children from nightmares and instead give them good dreams. The design is based on a willow hoop, on which is woven or attached a loose net or web. Dreamcatchers are then decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads. To make a dreamcatcher is a very meditative activity, due to the round shape, and the choice of colours, beads and feathers. Here is a list of MATERIALS you can use: Willow twigs......

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Pete the blower of bubbles

Pete’s boyhood As a kid, Pete thought his father was hard and dictatorial. His tender mother was no longer near him. Even the memories of her had faded away. Whenever he thought about her,...

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Be the best you can be

KAMLESH D. PATEL shares his ideas on relationships with teenage children. Q: Can we speak about the relationship between parents and teenagers? I have two children, and during their adolescence they always felt, “We...

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The meaning of connection

ROSALIND PEARMAIN feels the aftermath of Brexit. Something entirely new and powerful has shown up with the results of the Brexit referendum in the UK. For most of those disappointed with the result –...

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All in one

IVOR BROWNE looks at group dynamics and how they affect our behavior. The inspiration for this was a beautiful statement that I found in the oldest of the Upandishads, which are part of the...

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