Issue 12

Issue 12, Work |
September 25, 2016

The feeling mind

Q: You are a cardiologist and you also practice Heartfulness meditation. Why are you so interested and fascinated by the heart? HM: My relationship with the heart started when I was a kid. My father and grandfather both wanted to have a heart specialist in the family, so that is how I got involved with the physical heart. Probably from the age of five I was thinking of becoming a cardiologist. Q: You work with the physical heart, and you meditate on the spiritual heart. What do you see as the relationship......

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Free yourself from stress

This is an excerpt of a workshop coordinated by VÉRONIQUE BRASSELET and EMMA MILESI during the Heartfulness days at the Cité Internationale in Lyon in January 2016. The heart’s simplicity reduces stress Stress is...

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