Issue 7


Once upon a time, ages ago, in the Himalayan forest, there was a white elephant. His name was Mana and he had two superb long tusks. He was the descendant of a whole line of white elephants that came from the Hui-Sai forests in the kingdom of Siam, and they could speak the human language. At the end of the story last month, Mana had surrendered his beautiful tusks to a greedy and selfish man by the name of Goruk. The animals in the forest were outraged by this, and decided that......

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Jar of Gratitude

Do you know what defines a young person? It is not their age but their ability to wonder. See miracles in the small things in life! It shows in your eyes. Here is something...

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Children and Death

DR HESTER O CONNOR shares some tips on how to support children after a death in the family. When someone in the family dies, it can be daunting for parents to manage their own...

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