Issue 8

Issue 8, Self |
June 02, 2016


Stillness indicates depth. Strength. Focus. Stillness has potential waiting to be expressed. Think of the stillness of a piano maestro before a performance. Or how an Olympic sprinter is so still just before the gun fires. Stillness is so vital to human endeavor, yet so difficult for most of us to achieve. In Heartfulness meditation, I have observed three levels of stillness so far. First, I am able to bring my body to a calm, steady posture. I realize how restless my muscles have been, always on the move. Even sleep is restless......

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Silent teaching

LAKSHMI ARAVIND ponders over ways to remove the negative habit of complaining, and comes up with a good solution. I would like to share something beautiful I learnt from my teacher. The teaching was...

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Fiery Beauty

LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN FIERY BEAUTY Some say the Earth is a star at its core, Constantly creating, constantly expanding, Longing, perhaps, to be free of the hardened rock surrounding it. Today I sat...

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