Issue 9

Get well soon
Children, Issue 9 |
July 01, 2016

Get well soon

There is nothing like receiving a visit from a friend to cheer you up when you are sick or are not allowed to come out of bed. And you can do more than just a visit, you can participate in your friend’s recovery. First check with their parents if it is okay to visit him or her. Then prepare yourself: Take an ordinary notebook and cover the front and back cover with a paper that you will stick on it. Then decorate it with more colored papers or with sketch pens and write your own message for......

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Jomo the brave

Once upon a time, on a gray December day, the sky in northern France was crying its fog out. The wind was giving the beat with long hooting gusts that were gnawing at everything...

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Become your own greenspace

JANMARIE CONNOR provides some simple tips on creating your own biosphere and greening your life. Community gardens and parks, biodiversity projects, and ‘green’ designs are on the rise across Indiana. Visit downtown Indy for...

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Homage to a giver

JOAN EVEN reminisces about the legacy she gained from her father’s attitude to life. “Be a giver,” said dad as he gently patted my right shoulder and looked over at me with a great...

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Purity weaves destiny

RISHI RANJAN explores the concept of purity and how it can weave our destiny. Suppose our hands are dirty, what do we do? We wash them to make them clean. If our house is...

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Integral communion

CHRISTOPHER MACMANUS shares his experience of communicating with students in his role as a teacher. For the past four years I have worked in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In education, or any...

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Love in a time of hatred

SCILLA ELWORTHY tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: terrorism. She shares her thoughts on the role of women and building peace, which requires courage, determination, compassion and a budget. The...

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Relationships and conception

In this interview, KAMLESH D. PATEL, known to his followers as DAAJI, shares some profound wisdom on the parent-child relationship from conception onwards. He explains how with meditation we are able to close our...

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