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March 31, 2017
Jack’s Golden Words A Brotherly Reunion Ten long years had elapsed since Danny had left them. At long last the three brothers met again in Montpellier. They all wept for joy as they hugged affectionately. They looked so different now. Polo was just eighteen and his little dog had become a superb tawny-coated dog. Jack... View Article
February 1, 2017
In conversation with Dr James R. Doty In parts 1 and 2, DR DOTY explored the evolutionary advantage of compassion in human beings and its relationship with our physiological responses, and took us further into aspects of human behavior that relate to compassion and collective social issues. In part 3 he shares some cherished memories... View Article
February 1, 2017
In Part 1, the rainbow children came to earth and met many interesting animals and people. They were searching for the special seed of contentment. In Part 2 they continue their journey … There in the deep shade of the big trees they could only see the glow of the eyes of all the animals... View Article
February 1, 2017
AMANDA ESPY holds an MA in Psychology and certification from the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. As the creator of a line of unique and custom jewelry called Ritual Gold, she works both academically and artistically by using symbols to explore the human psyche. What is your mission with your jewelry? To create pieces that... View Article
February 1, 2017
TERRAN DAILY provides some simple, practical advice to parents on how to understand behavioral tendencies in their children. So many children now have sensory processing issues. Have you heard this term? Did you know that the way a person’s nervous system processes sensory information can deeply affect their behavior? We all swim in a sea... View Article