Volume 2-Issue 2


In conversation with Dr James R. Doty In parts 1 and 2, DR DOTY explored the evolutionary advantage of compassion in human beings and its relationship with our physiological responses, and took us further into aspects of human behavior that relate to compassion and collective social issues. In part 3 he shares some cherished memories of how the compassion and unconditional giving of a remarkable woman gave him a helping hand up when he was a boy. Q: Tell me about the experience you had as a kid growing up with a......

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Ritual gold

AMANDA ESPY holds an MA in Psychology and certification from the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. As the creator of a line of unique and custom jewelry called Ritual Gold, she works both academically...

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When I met Gollum

Sayali T had often heard people say, “Be in tune with Nature. Be pure and simple. Be one with Nature.” She thought she was doing her best to live in tune with Nature, until...

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The thirst for beauty

YVES BENHAMOU explores the science of joy and how to cultivate joy within, in order to open the doors to the Infinite and nurture our kinship with splendor. It is human nature to unendingly...

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