Volume 2-Issue 3


In conversation with LUKE COUTINHO & SAMARA MAHINDRA In part 3 of this interview, LUKE COUTINHO and SAMARA MAHINDRA continue to speak about the importance of different foods, lifestyle and attitude towards holistic living. LC: … Oil is important for developing your hormones, and absorption of vitamins such as A, D, E and K which are fat soluble. You need fat to carry them to your cells. That’s how important food is: you can’t just say, “I am doing a diet and eating such-and-such foods.” You have to look inside the body into how that food......

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Redefining my life

DIVNA SHIPOVIKJ describes an integrative model for treating cancer that combines allopathic and ayurvedic treatments. My name is Divna. Breast cancer survivor. Ayurveda believer and enthusiast. Starting a new life. Here is my story: why I...

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Why are mountains still sacred?

Mountains are among the most challenging environments on Earth. Within both the physical and emotional challenges of mountain landscapes, there are a host of beguiling paradoxes. Mountains have an overwhelming physical immanence, as well...

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Snakes & strawberries

LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN ALANDA GREENE experiences the effect a change makes to the dynamics in her garden, and considers how much more aware we need to be of the decisions we make, and...

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Candles and fragrance

BREATHING LIGHT AND SOOTHING SIGHT LIGHTEN THE AIR! A nice ventilated room is the best way to breathe every morning, refresh your body and mind, and recharge with oxygen. Adequate oxygen is essential for our health. But what would...

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The concept of surrender

BARBARA J. LEVIN O’RIORDAN shares some insights she has learnt from P. Rajagopalachari over the years about the beauty of surrender. Many people are concerned about the concept of surrender in a spiritual journey....

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