Volume 2-Issue 6

As International Day of Yoga is approaching on the 21 June, KAMLESH PATEL explains to us what Yoga really is, and challenges us all to reflect on whether the practices we are doing really lead us to the state of Yoga. THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY Evolution of Consciousness Series ARE YOU CONNECTED? There are so many Yoga schools and classes springing up everywhere around the world these days, and in December 2014 the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as International Day of Yoga, recognizing its universal appeal. International Day of Yoga aims......

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Call of the depths

CORALIE IMBERT shares her love of both meditation and freediving, and how both have helped her to interiorize and live an inner journey, as well as manage her emotions. FREE DIVING , MEDITATION AND...

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Meditation & medicine

For more than fifty years now, scientists have become more and more interested in meditation and its effects on the brain, about which 3,000 scientific studies have been published so far. DR RENÉ DESCARTES...

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