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In this wonderful collection, Daaji explores Yogic Psychology in the light of modern-day science and psychology, and shares some simple yogic practices and approaches that support mental health and joyful living. Daaji is a changemaker for the unification of all spiritual paths and seeking hearts.

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December 2018 – Collectors’ Edition

Ashtanga Yoga

Thousands of years ago, the great sage Patanjali  summarized the whole philosophy and practice of Yoga into a set of 196 Yoga Sutras. It was an amazing achievement, and he compiled and codified all the knowledge that existed in his day on the art and science of Yoga in order to arrive at this treatise. One of the core aspects of his work is the framework he developed of 8 main attributes or limbs of practice needed to attain the state of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.......

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REFINING BEHAVIOR – REMOVING UNWANTED HABITS Yama is the first of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yogic practice. DAAJI expounds on this very first rung of Ashtanga Yoga, and explores its importance in self-development and...

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NIYAMA : Refining behavior – integrating noble qualities


REFINING BEHAVIOR – INTEGRATING NOBLE QUALITIES Niyama is the second of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yogic practice. DAAJI shows us how Yama is not sufficient for right living – the other side of the coin...

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ASANA : Refining the physical body – aligning posture inwards


REFINING THE PHYSICAL BODY – ALIGNING THE POSTURE INWARD Asana is the third of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yogic practice. DAAJI explains the role of Asana in Yoga, how the physical steadiness of Asana...

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REFINING THE ENERGETIC BODY – ALIGNING ENERGY FLOW AND BREATH INWARDS Pranayama is the fourth of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yogic practice. Here DAAJI explains the purpose of the practices of Pranayama and some...

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REFINING THE ATTENTION – ALIGNING THE SENSES INWARDS Pratyahara is the fifth of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yogic practice. While it is one of the most important concepts in Yoga, it is not well...

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SAMYAMA – Part 2

Samyama – part 2

DHYANA: REFINING THE SUBTLE BODIES – EXPANDING THE SPECTRUM OF CONSCIOUSNESS TO REACH THE CENTER Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are the final three limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Together they comprise the practices of...

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SAMYAMA – Part 3

Samyama – part 3

DHYANA AND SAMADHI – THE PROCESS OF REVELATION AND TRANSCENDENCE Dhyana, often translated as meditation, is the centerpiece of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, and through the inner spiritual journey it leads us to Samadhi, the original state....

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