February 2018

February 2018, Focus |
February 02, 2018

Become visionaries

In December 2011, PARTHASARATHI RAJAGOPALACHARI shared some thoughts with leaders on what it means to be a visionary. In the following excerpt from that talk, he inspires us also to dare to think and create the soul of the future. A vision is not a dream. A dream is something which comes to you uninvited, though it may have some purpose: to try to awaken you in the conscious state to something you have to do, or to be careful about, or maybe just something in passing. A vision is to do with......

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A new social theory

NS NAGARAJA looks at the great social structures of governance throughout human history and proposes a new one for the 21st century. There is a large group of rationalists who reject spirituality because for...

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Take care of your consciousness

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW CHÖKYI NYIMA RINPOCHE speaks about consciousness and how it develops through kindfulness.   Q: … Respected Rinpoche, you were saying that it is difficult to talk about consciousness. CNR: Yes. If we...

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Napoleon lasagne

This is a hearty and decorative recipe that you can serve as a delicious meal. Instead of pasta, the thinly sliced raw zucchini and baked eggplant make a very nutritious, delicious and fresh alkaline lasagne. It...

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On time and healing

MEGHANA ANAND writes about the demands and joys of motherhood, and the beauty of giving time to children. I read this poem, Leisure, for the first time when I was in school. It’s simplicity...

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