October 2018

A Personal Journey – Part 2

A personal journey – part 2

Spirit Matters Podcast is a very popular site showcasing an eclectic mix of talks about contemporary spirituality. The hosts are DENNIS RAIMONDI and PHILIP GOLDBERG. On 1 July 2018, together they interviewed DAAJI about...

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In Search of Consciousness

In search of consciousness

NS NAGARAJA presents to us an index of some theories of consciousness that have been put forward in the fields of philosophy, science and spirituality. They are not the only theories, but they do...

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Q & R

On neuroscience

RUBY CARMEN Psychologist and social worker London, UK In ancient times, science, spirituality and Yoga were often treated as one, and science was viewed in a more holistic sense that included spiritual aspects as...

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The principle of purity

VICTOR KANNAN inspires us to cultivate our original state of purity and simplicity. I am intrigued to see new brands of clothing, nutrition and perfume called ‘Purity’ and ‘Pure’. Despite this trend, I feel...

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Sanctuaries in the Wilderness

Sanctuaries in the wilderness

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and author of three successful books, including Sacred Mountains: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Meanings, DR ADRIAN COOPER has been fascinated with wildlife and conservation since early childhood....

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