September 2018

Focus, September 2018 |
August 31, 2018

Who am I?

A PERSPECTIVE Knowing the self is a topic of great interest in psychology and also in philosophy. VICTOR KANNAN reflects on this question that has been intriguing us from time immemorial, and shares the insights he has gained from introspection. All aspects of existence – temporal and real – are included in this question, who am I? The idea of who I can be and who I ought to be are also part of this larger question. A simple 10-minute introspective exercise takes us through several answers that reveal our roles, temperaments,......

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A personal journey – part 1

Spirit Matters Podcast is a very popular site showcasing an eclectic mix of talks about contemporary spirituality. The hosts are DENNIS RAIMONDI and PHILIP GOLDBERG. On July 1, 2018, together they interviewed DAAJI about...

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Read & enjoy

VILASINI KUMAR shares the joy and benefits of reading to complement her meditative practice. Books on spirituality have always held my interest. I have a shelf full of them and have the habit of pulling...

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JAMIE BUTLER, healer and medium, founded The Lighter Side Network over a year ago. Here she speaks with EMMA IVATURI about consciousness, belief, feeling stuck, growing pains, intuition and synchronicity. Q: Can you elaborate...

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Blackberry learnings

LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN ALANDA GREENE witnesses a lot while working in her garden. This time it’s the ripening of blackberries that provide the lesson on patience and acceptance of the processes of Nature....

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