April 2019

Potato Treasure – Lessons from the Garden

Lessons from the Garden ALANDA GREENE continues her personal understanding of life from her experiences in the garden. This time, potatoes shed light on consciousness and the ever-expanding need for authenticity and self-acceptance in following life’s path. This year the potatoes are abundant, their size a healthy medium-large. The two previous years gave a harvest of fewer and smaller ones. I note my pleasure to again find abundance in both quantity and size. Not just for the harvest’s productivity, but because it confirms my own experience and the uniqueness of this particular......

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Heartfulness Yogasanas – Halasana – Supine Poses

Heartfulness Yogasanas

SUPINE POSES HALASANA From Sarvangasana, slowly lower both feet toward the ground behind the head, without the slightest strain. If possible touch the toes to the ground behind the head; if not possible allow the...

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the ‘nv’ s’ble

The invisible

ALICE RUSSO shares her journey of letting her heart guide her life. I have made the awesome realization of having reached a place where it is no longer primarily my mind influencing me, but...

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