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A monthly magazine in which we explore everything from self-development and health, relationships with family and friends, how to thrive in the workplace, to living in tune with nature.We also bring you inspiration from the lives of people who have made a difference to humanity over the ages.This magazine is brought to you by Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, a non-profit organization.


In this wonderful collection, Daaji explores Yogic Psychology in the light of modern-day science and psychology, and shares some simple yogic practices and approaches that support mental health and joyful living. Daaji is a changemaker for the unification of all spiritual paths and seeking hearts.

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August 2019

Antidotes to prejudice

How does prejudice arise? How to live a life so that prejudice does not arise? Here DAAJI explores these questions and offers some practical antidotes to prejudice. In 2003 my son gave me a copy of the American classic,To Kill A Mockingbird  by Nelle Harper Lee. I stopped reading after Tom Robinson was arrested, as the whole episode was so sad. Then ten years later I had the opportunity to watch the movie in which Gregory Peck acted so brilliantly. Coincidentally, 2003 was the same year Gregory Peck died, and one of the......

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A Himalayan retreat

A Himalayan retreat

DEVI SEKAR, SHARON GRAFFAGNINO, MIKE McCLEARY and MARK DAUGHTRIDGE from North Carolina, USA, traveled to the Himalayas for a Family & Friends Retreat. Here they share their experience. For millennia the Himalayas have been...

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