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In this wonderful collection, Daaji explores Yogic Psychology in the light of modern-day science and psychology, and shares some simple yogic practices and approaches that support mental health and joyful living. Daaji is a changemaker for the unification of all spiritual paths and seeking hearts.


December 2019 – Collectors’ Edition


In Yoga, avidya is crucial to understanding mental well-being. It is considered to be the core affliction that is the foundation for all other afflictions. It is the mental defect where one is unaware of what is most vital and essential. Patanjali says: 2.4: Avidya kshetram uttaresham prasupta tanu vichchhinn odaranam Only through avidya are the other afflictions able to operate, whether they are latent, budding, fully expressed or overwhelming. What is avidya? It is usually translated into English as ignorance or lack of knowledge, but here Patanjali is not writing about......

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