February 2019

Connecting the Dots
February 2019, Focus |
February 02, 2019

Connecting the dots

Has something ever happened to you seemingly out of the blue? Are such random incidents related, if at all? KAREN O’ NEILL muses on our connection with each other and with the Universe. Maybe you are thinking of an old friend who coincidentally calls you, or you unexpectedly bump into an acquaintance. A song keeps playing wherever you go, or a sequence of numbers continuously crops up everywhere you look. Later when another seemingly random event occurs, suddenly the mismatched pieces of the puzzle of your life fall into place and, in......

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Tapping into infinity

ANITA MOORJANI explores synchronicity as a possibility – something that we allow in our lives rather than attract, from our infinite nature. Synchronicity and the idea of attraction have been given a lot of...

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Coincidences. Are they random? Or can they have meaning? ANKUR NAIK explores the mystery behind their occurrences. When you experience coincidences over and over again, you try to make sense of them by finding...

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ELIZABETH DENLEY defines some of the key qualities of synchronicity and how it manifests in our daily life. She also explores our rational, scientific focus in recent centuries that has limited our awareness of...

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