January 2019


In the material world, we believe that whatever we give diminishes. First, is it true? Second, does the same law apply in the spiritual world? Here, MEGHA BAJAJ describes her journey of discovering the secret of abundance in life. The more you love others, the more love you find in your life. The more you spread happiness, the more it finds you. It’s like flowers – when you give roses to someone, your fingers too carry the fragrance. In the words of the great Rumi,“What you seek is seeking you.” I could......

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Days without burden

CHARU SHARMA shares her experience of volunteering for a book launch tour in the UK and the difference it has brought about in her attitude and approach to work itself. Last summer I had...

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Yogic psychology

Have you ever thought to explore psychology through Yoga? It is a vast science of the subtle bodies and the soul, leading us to explore where consciousness stems from, and what causes changes in...

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Choosing Life

Choosing life

When CELINE FRÉSARD started watching videos of  THIERRY CASASNOVAS, her understanding of how the body works led her to draw a parallel between the body and the heart. To work well, the body needs...

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Living in the Gift

Living in the gift

Nature does not charge us anything for its abundance. Everything in nature is free, a gift. We are part of the same nature, so can we incorporate this principle in our own interpersonal relationships...

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Gift ecology

NIPUN MEHTA is one of the founders of ServiceSpace, Karma Kitchen, DailyGood, KindSpring and other organizations that successfully work within the Gift Ecology. From a young age, he was inspired by the need to...

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