March 2019

A Spiritual Revolution in Management Science

PROFESSOR RAMNATH NARAYANSWAMY from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, shares with V. SRINIVASAN something of his own journey, and the importance of spiritual, emotional, social and cultural intelligence in the world of management. Q: Sir, the first question is regarding the integration of spirituality and management. How do both these concepts come together and what is their relevance? RN: To answer this question you need to have a perspective on the discipline of management and its historical origin. Management is a North American discipline that arose amidst the context of two......

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The Play of Emotions on Our Health And Well-Being

The play of emotions

DR NATWAR SHARMA explores the world of feelings and emotions, their effect on the physical body, and how we can learn to manage them effectively. Our life is largely the interplay of feelings and...

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Bringing Your System to a Balanced State

Bringing your system to balance

VASCO GASPAR is a Mindfulness consultant and Heartfulness trainer living in Portugal. Here he shares a simple effective practice to down-regulate emotions. We all sometimes feel stressed, anxious, fearful or angry. It’s part of...

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