September 2020


Zucchinis, also known as courgettes, are delicious in many dishes. They are easy to cook and they can be eaten in many ways – raw, baked, stir fried and steamed. Zucchinis are also alkaline-forming with their high water, mineral-rich in potassium and manganese, and fiber-rich contents. They also contain antioxidants and a lot of important vitamins like B, C and K. All in all, zucchinis are anti-inflammatory. INGREDIENTS 2 medium zucchinis 1 tsp olive oil. ½ tsp Himalayan or sea salt. 1 pinch of dried mixed herbs. Filling 1 big onion, finely......

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The Heartful Chef

The heartful chef

VIJAY SADHU is a perfectionist. Whether he is standing in the kitchen of one of his many successful restaurants in the United States, competing with Bobby Flay, or simply sitting in meditation, Chef Vijay...

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Silently, smoothly love glides. A sliver of interest here, A spark of connection there, A touch of wonder here, A stroke of beauty there, A stir, a shake, creating radiant little pockets of love....

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