January 2021

Focus, January 2021, VOLUME 6 |
January 01, 2021

Yoga & peace

DEEPAK CHOPRA speaks with DAAJI about the role Yoga has to play in bringing about world peace. This is an excerpt from their conversation broadcast on International Day of Peace, September 21, 2020. That documentary is available at: https://heartfulness.org/en/international-day-of-peace/. Daaji: Namaste, Sir. DC: Daaji, it is a great honour to be with you and celebrate World Peace Day. I was thinking, as I was getting online to speak with you, of the basic Yamas and Niyamas that are the basis of all of our yogic tradition. And if you look at the......

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Rainbow salad

SIMONNE HOLM is a photographer and plant-based cooking and lifestyle coach. Here she shares one of her alkaline food recipes for healthy living. Simmone specializes in alkaline diets, and has published the book, How...

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