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In this wonderful collection, Daaji explores Yogic Psychology in the light of modern-day science and psychology, and shares some simple yogic practices and approaches that support mental health and joyful living. Daaji is a changemaker for the unification of all spiritual paths and seeking hearts.

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Change to healthy eating patterns


SIMONNE HOLME share some tips on how to be successful when you are changing your diet.

The body requires a solid foundation in order to build healthy tissue, strong digestion and an active immune system. When you change your diet, you will begin to notice how different foods make you feel. In experiencing how alkaline foods help you rebuild and rebalance, you will very quickly develop a consciousness about good food, and naturally start choosing more and more of what your body really needs.

One of the hardest parts of changing to a new diet is avoiding old habits, especially the temptation of quick snacks and junk food. It is easy to just grab a candy bar or other unhealthy stuff when you feel empty and need energy immediately. When we feel like this, it is really our body screaming for nutrients and nourishment. But our habit is to indulge in unhealthy sweets or  fatty, salty snacks … the opposite of what our body really needs.

These junk foods may give a short energy boost and fill your stomach, but they will also soon leave an unpleasant feeling in your body and mind. Eating a lot of alkaline, chlorophyll-rich food and healthy fat throughout the day makes it much easier to resist unhealthy foods, which will boost your metabolism.

Eating a lot of alkaline,
chlorophyll-rich food and healthy fat throughout the day
makes it much easier to resist unhealthy foods, which
will boost your metabolism.

Emotional triggers are the things you need to watch out for the most. If you are falling into the same pattern again and again, don’t blame yourself. This is just a bad habit that needs to be  redirected, and it is by no means a reflection of your inner self. Try to imagine what is happening inside your body when you are experiencing these junk food cravings, when you start thinking that you need or even ‘deserve’ to reward yourself with such food.

After doing this exercise for a while, you will be more conscious or aware of your feelings in relation to junk food and learn to identify those moments in which you might be on the edge of reverting back to old habits. It is in your power to break that cycle and better yourself; only you can change this aspect, only you can make sure that emotional triggers no longer affect your eating pattern.

Cravings can be fulfilled by adding alkaline salt to your food, as the body runs on salt. Salt gives life, light and vitality to the body. Tears, sweat, saliva, urine and blood are all salty fluids in our bodies. That is why we thrive on alkaline salts, which create lasting energy – as sugar does not!


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