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Claude Silver is Vayner Media’s first-ever Global Chief Heart Officer, tasked with fusing empathy with agency to unlock employee potential and foster a culture of belonging across the 1200+ person organization. Between her deep education in psychology and spirituality and the two decades she has spent as an advertising strategist, Claude has been studying and influencing human behavior for over three decades.

Outside of her role at Vayner Media, Claude speaks globally about the need for heart-led leadership in today’s workplace and the importance of treating “employees” like people, not numbers. Her success in guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, management, and culture is driven by her abiding passion for creating spaces in which people can show up as their true selves and thrive as a result.

August 30, 2022
A leader everyone wants to work with
CLAUDE SILVER is the Global Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media, a modern-day communications agency. Here she shares some ideas on what it means to lead with heart. The Role of Chief Heart Officer A Chief Heart Officer is in touch with every single human in an organization. We all have hearts, they are our... View Article
August 2022