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Dr. Ichak Adizes is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading management experts. He has received 21 honorary doctorates and is the author of 27 books that have been translated into 36 languages. Dr. Adizes is recognized by Leadership Excellence Journal as one of the top thirty thought leaders of America.
August 28, 2021
When to stop parenting
DR. ICHAK ADIZES explores some aspects of parenting, in particular when to let go of the role, and how to develop mutual trust and respect between parents and children. He also extrapolates his ideas to succession planning in organizations, so as to enable growth and continuous improvement. JUST THINKING AND FEELING We’ll start with a... View Article
September 2021
August 4, 2021
If you disagree, you are not listening
DR. ICHAK ADIZES explores the art of diffusing a disagreement, especially when the other party claims that you have not understood them because you are not listening. He uses the technique of mirroring to ensure better understanding and communication. JUST THINKING AND FEELING It frequently occurs in discussions, when someone does not agree with you,... View Article
August 2021
July 1, 2021
How to manage feelings: form-function interdependence
JUST THINKING AND FEELING DR. ICHAK ADIZES explores the relationship between feelings and breath, and feelings and posture. He looks at their interdependence, and how to use this awareness to improve our state of being and our level of happiness, as well as the analogous functionality of organizations. You can detect how a person is... View Article
July 2021
May 31, 2021
Your calendar – the mirror of your values
JUST THINKING AND FEELING DR. ICHAK ADIZES challenges us to reorganize our lives so that we are able to be in charge of how we spend our time, and thus create balance and well-being. As he points out, it is easier said than done! It requires a radical shift in our way of thinking and... View Article
June 2021
May 1, 2021
What is success?
JUST THINKING AND FEELING DR. ICHAK ADIZES shares what true success really means and what is needed to find success in everything we do. My son was visiting me. Sitting next to the pool on my ranch, surrounded by the beautiful valley and the high mountains beyond, he said, “Daddy, you made it.” I’ve been... View Article
It changes everything
April 1, 2021
Why I meditate
JUST THINKING AND FEELING DR. ICHAK ADIZES shares his passion for meditation, and explains why he meditates, how it benefits him in day-to-day life, and the importance of love, which arises from meditation. Physics tells us that when the Big Bang happened, time and space started, which means that what existed before the Big Bang... View Article
April 2021