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Guila Clara Kessous

Guila was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in January 2012, in light of her commitment to promoting and defending human rights through art. She has taught at Sciences Po, Harvard University, Boston and Oxford Universities, University of Geneva, and the St. Petersburg Conservatory, amongst others.

October 1, 2022
Subtle skills for authentic leadership: heartificial intelligence
GUILA CLARA KESSOUS is a member of Harvard University’s affiliated Institute of Coaching, the UNESCO artist for peace, and an art therapist.  Here she writes about the recent paradigm shifts in leadership and how present-day leaders require subtle collective skills rather than being super humans. In recent years, we have challenged the narrow vision of... View Article
October 2022
September 1, 2022
Art therapy for human suffering
GUILA CLARA KESSOUS, UNESCO Artist for Peace and art therapist, uses drama therapy to help people “let go” of their suffering through a cathartic process. It is a way for people in Rwanda, Bangladesh, Congo, and Afghanistan to find solace. Guila paints the portrait of four people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who she accompanied... View Article