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July 2, 2022
Listen to the influencers: 5 ways to be your own best friend
MAMATA VENKAT manages external communications and public relations for Anthem’s Global Chief Information Office. Through personal reflection, she talks about how negative emotions – especially anger –have driven her to consistently invest time in her whole health and well-being. Several situations helped me realize I was doing a terrible job of putting myself first. In... View Article
July 2022
February 1, 2022
6 simple way to make your workday more manageable
MAMATA VENKAT shares 6 simple time management tools you can apply that will help combat the stress that comes with balancing multiple priorities at work. I burst into tears the other day after a long day at work. A few projects hadn’t worked well, roadblocks prevented me from moving forward on some tasks, and I... View Article
February 2022
December 1, 2021
I take laughter for granted
MAMATA VENKAT looks back over the last year, which has been full of tragedy, and finds the moments of light and laughter that bring joy and celebration to life. Here are a few statistics I recently heard on an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast:  On average, children laugh 300 times a day. It takes... View Article
December 2021
October 31, 2021
Oh, there i am
oh, there i am – lost years ago,i begana very long gameof hide and seek.i looked in every nookand i scavenged every crannyto try and findwhere i might have been hidden. i thought i was concealedbehind the fast-fadinghighs of success.i was adamantthat i existedin the hearts of thosewho never stayed. in my blackest state of... View Article
February 28, 2021
Creating balance
MAMATA VENKAT opens up about the challenge of finding self-compassion and self-acceptance in a world of judgment and criticism. She also offers 10 tips from her own experience about how to cultivate a self-nurturing approach to life. FINDING YOUR COLORS AMIDST THE BLACK AND WHITE I want to challenge all of us with a question:... View Article
April 28, 2020
Together is exactly what we need to be
MAMATA VENKAT mourns the devastating effect of the virus in New York City, yet is completely moved by the way we are all stepping up and taking care of each other. It is showing us what we take for granted, and how much we value the simple things in life. I’ll be completely honest. I... View Article
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