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3 questions on vision


We posed 3 questions about visionaries to our readers.

What is your vision for Planet Earth in 2018?
Who is the visionary that has inspired you the most and why? 
What visionary projects or endeavors would you like to turn into reality?

As my vision for Planet Earth in 2018, I hope to see some revolutionary discoveries and changes taking place in regard to innovation and acceptance. I see people coming up with more innovative ideas and a greater population of the Earth realizing the need to still their mind and focus their energy on the greater good. I see youth and children taking over with their logic and imagination and providing sustainable solutions to Earth’s problems such as pollution, possibility of wars, natural disasters. The need for acceptance will be more profound and the uprooting of patriarchy, racism, prejudices and stereotypes will take place through means of art, poetry, storytelling, and social media. There will be greater tolerance among people. More would be health conscious, physically and mentally.

I believe all of us have the potential to be a visionary. I have a vision where every individual is educated and is able to live his life with respect and dignity. I visualize everyone to accept everyone as who they are and focus on improving oneself into their better self. I visualize the world seeing people of all differences coming together to save the Earth. I visualize people connecting and letting go of boundaries and existing together in love and peace. The idea may seem utopian but hope and faith and prayers to the universe works wonders.

Kashish Kalwani
Delhi, India

There will be a different time when to be human will mean a certain kind of feeling and awareness. We could call it softness. This will simply emanate among all and touch the fields of all life forms. Our sense of selves will not have clear edges or resonate with fear. Instead we will enjoy an intensity and aliveness of being which will be enriched by the different frequencies and responses of other life forms. We will feel more alive and more connected and more enabled to move and create than ever before. The palette of existence will be of a kind that will extend the dimensions of space, time, manifestation. There will be a play of beauty like we see with the aurora borealis but more felt and known from within. Such a state of being will be more deeply aligned with the divine source and the energy of joy will be a natural and usual experience. We could say in a simple way, that this is a vision of love being freed from the constraints that limit our understanding at present…

Rosalind Pearmain
Abingdon, UK

My vision for planet Earth in 2018 is more kindness, acceptance and love. After many years of human greed, over consumption and narcissism, I truly feel people are turning back to their heart.

I envision a change in the tide already starting. I believe empathy and compassion for each other will foster more acceptance, love and kindness toward Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Martin Luther King saw a vision to benefit all mankind, though racial equality was the driver, achieving it would entail acceptance of others, kindness, empathy, and truly coming from a heart centered place. Visions are all encompassing and enlist many to kindle a spark, and keep that spark alive until the vision is complete. Setbacks and detours happen so the light of that vision must be kept visible and in our hearts and minds daily. Making the daily choices that support the vision and letting the other choices and temptations that fill our daily lives go is the way to achieve it.

As I only came to embrace faith through spirituality in the past few years, my understanding of visions, visionaries and the people that work daily to bring them to fruition, still take my breath away. Their faith, dedication and perseverance inspire me to take daily action toward my own goals and visions for a better world and acceptance of others.

Ruth Haynes
Victoria, Canada

Whenever I think of this subject I personify Earth as a human and imagine a crying and upset Earth looking at its old photo where it used to be green and healthy and cheerful.

My vision for dear Earth, though it may sound idealistic and crazy would be to have the old, healthier and happier one back. When I say healthy, it’s for restoring it’s greenery, it’s wildlife and rare birds that are vulnerable for being extincted soon, for the fresh water and fresh air that it naturally bears for everyone.

And for restoring the ever beautiful natural balance of hers that is getting lost somewhere in today’s society. This vision is definitely something I long to realize even if takes time. I strive to do my bit and contribute but it definitely needs a massive contribution.

The contribution begins from home. Minimalist life is the key I believe. I do all my best to reduce waste, use separate dustbins for food waste and other waste and then make sure that food waste goes to compost. Also planting small trees at home and surroundings.

On the bigger picture I feel the ripple effect is the key. I for instance ensure at least my family and close ones know the importance of greenery and simple life. They do the same for their friends and family.

Neelam Shivhare
Toulouse, France

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