Eyes: the windows to the soul

Eyes: the windows to the soul

NELLA AROSSA is now in her eighties. She has dedicated a large part of her life to research in the field of natural medicine, having studied iridology at the Heilpratiker Fachschule Saarbruken in Germany and subsequently at the University of Urbino in Italy, where she also explored the use of medicinal plants, phytotherapy, natural nutrition and oligotherapy. Nella lives in Torre Pellice in the north of Italy, surrounded by the natural beauty at the foot of the Alps. In the 1980s, as a Hatha Yoga teacher, she saw a picture of Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh on the cover of a book. It was the intensity and depth of his eyes that attracted her attention and inspired her to explore an inner world which she had always felt existed, and which those eyes promised.

Educate your eyes. 
They were created to see,
even beyond what you think.
—Paul Coelho

Fascinating, mysterious, unsettling … there are so many different ways of describing the eyes, the organs which are part of our visual system. Their task is to allow us to see, but to see what? It is said that when a soul decides to come to live on Earth, it chooses the place and person most suited to its purpose. On the basis of this choice it defines, a priori, from the largest to the smallest detail, the man or woman it will represent on Earth. A physical structure comes into being with all the necessary internal functionalities, organs and systems that will make that life one of growth. Then, once its task has been accomplished, the physical entity will dissolve.

The soul, which has now incarnated as a human being, needs to make itself known in all its fullness. Its most visible dimension, the physical body, is only one aspect; there are also the mind and the spirit, though these are less visible. But the organs which are best able to express all three dimensions – physical, mental and spiritual – are the eyes. They are in effect a means of communication, a way of transmitting information from the inside to the outside, and at the same time able to capture the outside world and bring it inside.

The eyes are the windows through which the soul makes itself visible.

When we meet someone, it is their eyes that first attract our attention: their color, their luminosity, their expression – all are taken in with a glance. According to iridology, the examination of the characteristics of the tissue of the iris, the genetic code that defines the individual constitution, its characteristics and internal functional organization, are impressed on the iris.

The eyes are the windows through
which the soul makes itself visible.

A detailed examination of the iris using a special magnifying apparatus allows us to ‘map’ our systemic health. In the same way that geographical maps indicate the location of places and routes, an iridology chart is a way of representing the state of our functional systems and internal organs, as well as their future path. An iridologist examines the tissue of the iris, its colors, patterns and flecks, and is able to make a reading of a person’s basic constitution. It is important to point out that this is not a diagnosis, but a reading of the underlying ‘terrain’.

When used correctly, this information helps us to adopt a lifestyle corresponding to our real requirements. It not only allows us to respect our bodies and recognize our physical potential, but also helps us to know the weak points of our constitution and hence our limits. By doing so, these negative tendencies may remain simply tendencies, and are not reinforced by bad habits that risk transforming them into health problems. For example, if an iridology examination reveals a genetic weakness in the pancreas, we know it is unwise to consume alcohol because that would put further strain on the enzymatic breakdown process, making food absorption difficult and leading to negative repercussions on all the other organs.

The world of thoughts, feelings and emotions takes up space in the mind. This mental aspect is subtler than the physical body and concerns our awareness of inner feelings and the ability to relate to conditioning from the outside world. At this level, the eyes communicate the reaction of the soul, whether rebelling and showing discontent or joyful.

Love and joy, as well as hate and sadness, are part of the spectrum of reactions expressed through the human eye. If we react with indifference when a child shows us something important, it is easy to see the disappointment in their eyes. Their enthusiasm is extinguished and the light in their eyes suddenly goes out, like the click of a light switch. It is through the eyes that we capture a glance of disapproval at our behavior. On the other hand, a reassuring look from a friend has the power to calm our anxieties. The sensation of pain we feel at the suffering of others is also clearly reflected in our eyes.

We could go on indefinitely describing all that the mind communicates through the eyes, but this is not our purpose here. The aim is simply to make us more sensitive and attentive to this means of communication. To develop the ability to capture information through the eyes that can enrich our understanding of others.

The spiritual dimension is the most profound characteristic of the human being which, when we are sensitive, can also be captured through the eyes. When you are immersed in the depths of the eyes of the person before you, their physical boundaries disappear and you can perceive that infinite space which encompasses the whole universe. We become aware that there exists an unknown and limitless world of which we too are part. At this point, we can even close our eyes: it is no longer the individual who is speaking to us, because the real protagonist becomes the heart.

The eyes communicate, the heart transmits.


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  1. This is really a great article. All that is said is true and experience-based. Thanks from my heart to NELLA AROSSA and to the artist MARTINA DANIELA VERONESI, whose illustration of eyes really pulls us to their depths! Muthuramalingam Kasinathan

  2. Lovely article. I will look in the eyes of people in a different way now. And will feel so connected when i will see in this way. Thanks for this. God bless.

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