From emergency to emergence

From emergency to emergence

DAAJI shares some thoughts and practical tips on how we can do our very best during the current coronavirus pandemic, in order to move from a state of emergency to a state of emergence.

Our societies are undergoing rapid change right now, and despite the hardships and suffering all around, we are seeing many hopeful signs: The wealthy donating to the poor, governments supporting their citizens, families and neighbors sharing food and time with each other. We are finding time for humanness and for reevaluating priorities. Most of us are slowing down, remembering what it is like to appreciate the little things in life and value the sacred. Today, people are praying for the world who have never prayed in their lives before. It is a rare opportunity to pause, to slow down, and to witness ourselves. This pause also gives us the chance to ask: What do we need to change in our behavior, right now, in order to move forward?

It is a rare opportunity to pause, to slow down, and to witness ourselves. This pause also gives us the chance to ask: What do we need to change in our behavior, right now, in order to move forward?

Creating connection

Because of corona, we are having to practice physical distancing, so how can we enrich our sense of connection without physical contact? Our basic instinct is to touch, so the lack of physical contact, or being separated from loved ones, can be very upsetting at first. But the best way to compensate for this lack is to develop a heart-toheart connection with others. The beauty of this heart-to-heart connection is that it works across any distance; we can send love to anyone anywhere anytime. And it can be so subtle, so intimate, and so tender, as it is a communion at the level of the subtle body, the level of vibration and resonance. Here is a simple way to connect:

Sit comfortably and gently close your eyes. Bring the person you wish to send love to in front of you. Feel your heart connecting to their heart. Gently send love and care to the person from your heart to their heart. Feel connected. Do this for a few minutes. Stay connected at this deep level as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Emotional intelligence and resilience

Another phenomenon we are hearing about at the moment is the opposite of distancing: Conflicts among family members who are confined at home together. No doubt there will be some friction when we are all living in close quarters, but why is it so difficult for us to tolerate each other? Why are we unable to accept each other the way we are? Now that we are spending time together, maybe this is the opportunity to accept one another’s imperfections and taunts, and develop greater emotional intelligence and resilience – to rise to the challenge. Although today our human community is globally connected, many of us are lonelier than ever, so why not remove loneliness by strengthening those family ties which we so often take for granted?


We can spend precious time with loved ones and share knowledge with our children and grandchildren. In earlier times, families would tell stories in the evenings, read books together, and share skills. This is a time to work on our lifestyle choices: Internet-based technologies may be great, but our health will also benefit if we take breaks from screen time and the associated radiation. Reach out to others in simple ways. Enjoy a song together, meditate together, watch a movie, prepare and eat meals together, and tell each other jokes. The togetherness, joy and humor we feel will dissolve many stresses.



And when we stay connected within our hearts, prayerfully, our prayers join with the echoes of the prayers of others, and we create a higher vibration of love all around us, soothing the sadness that many are feeling right now. When our consciousness remains pure through a meditative practice, it dissolves the negative thought pollution that is prevalent everywhere.

There are so many simple habits that will help sustain us, such as conserving food and groceries, fasting, and being careful about finances. We can help the elderly, and those who are less fortunate. We can be kind to others, and volunteer in our communities. We can do the many forgotten household tasks, like spring cleaning, fixing and mending things etc. We can explore our creativity and develop healthier lifestyle habits, cook meals at home, practice breathing exercises to build immunity, meditate and exercise. We can learn new skills. We can create a new daily routine, that will be so beneficial and reassuring.

Most importantly, if we are going to emerge from the corona crisis with a nobler, more sustainable way of living, we can use this time to reflect, accept and adapt to new ways. That requires a focused mind and a peaceful heart. And how can we experience such focus and peace? Through meditation.

Take refuge from the external turbulence. Dive deep within your heart into stillness. Doing this will protect your energetic structure, and give you a sense of well-being and balance, even if it is not a remedy for everything. The new era in human history that is emerging right now is the era of the heart, so let’s enjoy the ride!


Illustrations by ANANYA PATEL



About Daaji

Kamlesh Patel is the world teacher of Heartfulness, and the fourth spiritual Guide in the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga. He oversees Heartfulness centers and ashrams in over 130 countries, and guides the thousands of certified Heartfulness trainers who are permitted to impart Yogic Transmission under his care. Known to many as Daaji, he is also an innovator and researcher, equally at home in the inner world of spirituality and the outer world of science, blending the two into transcendental research on the evolution of consciousness, and expanding our understanding of the purpose of human existence to a new level.

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