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Get well soon

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Get well soon


There is nothing like receiving a visit from a friend to cheer you up when you are sick or are not allowed to come out of bed. And you can do more than just a visit, you can participate in your friend’s recovery.

First check with their parents if it is okay to visit him or her. Then prepare yourself:

Take an ordinary notebook and cover the front and back cover with a paper that you will stick on it. Then decorate it with more colored papers or with sketch pens and write your own message for speedy recovery to your friend.

This notebook will be more than just a card, it will invite your friend to write, draw, what is in his or her mind whenever there is no one around to listen. It’s a great way to feel better!

Take your favorite book and propose during your visit to read it aloud to your friend. Everyone likes to listen to a story, especially when one is tired. Don’t hesitate to come again to read the next part if necessary. If you have a funny book, choose it. Laughter is the best way to heal faster.


If your friend falls asleep, leave quietly, leaving the get-well-soon notebook at his or her side. You have done a great job!

Practice the relaxation at home before to go to visit your friend.

Read it for yourself.

Read it aloud the second time.

Read it aloud to your mother, your father or your brother or sister.

Soon you will know it by heart and that way your words will be even more effective when you want to help someone relax.

You can do all this for your grandparents at home, your mother or father when you feel they are tired, and for your brother or sister too!




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