Heartfulness Yogasanas

Heartfulness Yogasanas – Halasana – Supine Poses



From Sarvangasana, slowly lower both feet toward the ground behind the head, without the slightest strain.

If possible touch the toes to the ground behind the head; if not possible allow the feet to suspend above the ground. Keep the legs straight.

If your toes are touching the floor, put your hands flat on the ground behind your back, palms facing the ground.

If your toes are not touching the floor, support your back with your hands, to avoid straining your back.

Keep your knees straight. Point your toes in towards your head and stretch your heels towards the ground.

Relax your whole body.

Hold and stay in the position with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.

To come out of the position

Place the arms flat on the ground behind your back.

Raise your feet up from the ground behind your head.

Slowly come out of the position unrolling the body and lowering your buttocks to the floor.

Rest and relax in the corpse pose.


Halasana acts on the upper back and neck region.

Halasana makes the entire spine supple, stretches the muscles, loosens the vertebrae and tones the nerves both inside and outside the spinal column.

The thyroid and parathyroid glands are rendered more efficient.

The abdominal muscles are strengthened and the abdominal organs are massaged.

Halasana helps to alleviate constipation, dyspepsia, diabetes, and various other abdominal ailments.

It revitalizes the liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands and so on.

It helps to remove backache, headache and neckache.

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