Heartfulness Yogasanas

Heartfulness Yogasanas


Stage I

Lie flat on your stomach with legs straight, feet together, and your soles facing upwards.

Bend both your arms, place your right palm on your left arm, and your left palm on your right arm.

Place your chin at the point where your forearms cross each other.

Breathe out, relax your whole body and close your eyes.

Breathe in deeply, and while inhaling raise your left leg straight up as high as possible.

Hold and stay with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.

Breathe out and, while exhaling, lower your leg.

Repeat the practice with the other leg.

Stage II

Breathe in deeply and, while inhaling, raise both your legs, keeping them straight and together.

Hold and stay with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.


Good exercise for the legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, lower abdomen, and diaphragm.

Benefits women through its effect on the ovaries and uterus, and helps to correct disorders of these organs.

Shalabhasana increase the digestive fire, improves digestion and alleviates several gastric troubles and diseases of the stomach.

Strengthens the lower back muscles and increases flexibility of the back.

This Asana gives relief from rheumatic pain and sciatica.

Helps to control diabetes.

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