Heartfulness Yogasanas

Heartfulness Yogasanas


Sit with the legs crossed.

Take the right foot with the right hand, and place it in the crook of the left elbow.

Bend the right knee in toward the trunk and place the right knee in the crook of the right elbow. Right elbow supporting right knee and left elbow supporting right foot. The right hand wrapped around the right leg.

Draw the right shin in towards the chest.

Keep the shin parallel to the ground, shoulders relaxed and spine erect.

Look straight ahead and gently rock the right leg back and forth sideways in both hands as if cradling a baby.

Do the practice with normal breathing for 30 seconds.

Relax and repeat the practice for the left leg.


Stretches the hips, thighs and groin.
Eliminates pain in the thighs.
Relaxes the lower body from upper thighs to the ankles.
Increases flexibility in the hip joints.
Calms down the mind.

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