Heartfulness Yogasanas – Padmasana

Heartfulness Yogasanas - Padmasana


Come to Dandasana

Stage 1

Fold the right leg by holding the right ankle with the right hand and the right foot with the left hand.

Place the right foot firmly at the root of the left upper thigh, sole of the foot turned upwards, and heel lightly pressing the left side of the lower abdomen.

Likewise fold the left leg, place the foot firmly at the root of the right upper thigh, sole turned upwards, and heel lightly pressing the rightside of the lower abdomen.

Rest both knees comfortably on the floor.

With both legs interlocked, keep the spine, neck and head erect.

Place both palms on the knees in chin mudra.

Gently close the eyes, maintain the posture with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.

Release the mudra.

Stage 2

Breathe in, stretch both arms up over the head.

Breathe out, retaining the stretch slowly bend forward from the hips.

Try to touch the forehead on the ground, with arms stretched and palms on the floor completely.

Feel the stretch at the spine.

Keep the eyes closed, breathe deeply.

Hold and stay with gentle long, and deep breaths – in and out six times.


Stage 3

Breathe in, slowly raise the hands up along with the head; while giving a backward stretch spread the hands to the sides, take them back and interlock the fingers.

Breathe out, bend forward and simultaneously stretch the hands backwards to the vertical level.

Try to touch the forehead on the ground.

Keep the eyes closed, hold the position and stay with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.

Breathe in, come up, release the posture and relax in Sithila Dandasana.


Padmasana induces mental calmness, increases awareness and attentiveness.

The position of les and pressure of the feet against the thighs reduces blood flow to the legs – this supply of blood is redirected towards the lumbar region of the spine, abdomen and pelvic organs, thereby toning up these organs, muscles and nerves in this region.

Sitting in Padmasana will strenghten the thighs and calf muscles and help to reduce excess fat in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

The practice give a good stretch to the spine, thighs, ankles, knees, joints and calf muscles.

Opens up the hips and makes ligament flexible.

Padmasana is the ‘destroyer of all disease’.


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