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Hidden garden

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Hidden garden

KAYLAN MICHAEL, aka Lost in the Island, is a multidisciplinary artist who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Her art has been described as spiritual, mysterious, abstract, electric and futuristic. Instagram @lost_intheisland

The motivation behind my art is to break the rules and not fit into any box, while building self-expression. I am inspired by life – experiences, science, fashion, music, the universe, spirituality and nature. I’m drawn by my inner-me, my mood, and the moment of the day. It’s therapeutic and it’s a way of releasing the creative spirit. Fellow independent artists also inspire me to create more.

To create a collage or artwork, I first decide the mood, which could be based on my state of mind at the moment, a situation that occurred before, or something not yet expressed. Then I write a short poem, which helps to decide which element will be in the artwork and how the overall energy will feel. Then I sketch a few ideas out to visualize these thoughts, and select the main image to create. My imagination carries me. I usually work with women’s portraits. Lastly, I start creating in Photoshop. I often have new ideas along the way, so I go with the flow and allow my emotions to come out during the creative process. From Photoshop I then bring the final collage to Lightroom for a photo retouch. Each piece is a part of me that is shared.

‘Hidden Garden’ represents growth. Being able to keep pushing forward regardless of the dark times is strength. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Art and article by KAYLAN MICHAEL



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