Humility came knocking


Humility came knocking
I didn’t expect her call
Perched upon my pedestal
Too proud
Too high to fall

I want to be special
Different to you
Richer or poorer
More powerful or meek
The most honest or deceitful
The cleverest or the fool

Blinded by illusions of difference and pride
It matters not the story I tell
For all I wants is to stand apart
Hidden behind barriers
That obscure the heart

This arrogance deludes us
It fools us
We create masks that smile and pout
While in the shadows below
Lies the pain and suffering
Which is projected out

I’s deception of separation is the seed of all war
I fights I
Pain fights pain
In the wars of domination, hate, and material gain

Is the time to face this darkness
To look within and end this madness
All’s still and quiet beneath the din
Of the ignorance of separation – the original sin
Humility is true
A quality of love
The truth of singularity
The essence that’s divine

Not better or worse
Right or wrong
The realization of unity
Of being one with all

So when humility comes knocking
It would be wise to let her in

At first she taps quite gently

Flushed upon the skin
Awkwardness and silence
Let you know she’s been

Allow this discomfort
Don’t distract, hide, or deny
Resist the urge to clean the house or car
Leave the TV off
The vodka in its bottle

Be still
Be quiet
Be aware of the tormented I

Offer it compassion
Embrace its pain
As its defences fall
Ignore its propensity to blame

This is healing
The path of inner peace
The letting go of conflict
The humbling of I

When we fail to listen to humility’s gentle tap
She will return
Insistently knocking
For there is no going back

Ignore her at your peril
For she may enter with a hammer
Crashing through illusions
No lie left unturned
I-dentity in turmoil
Foundations burned

For humiliation is the reaper of creation
Walking before the light
Scything through delusion
Paralyzing I with fright

So when you feel a gentle nudge
A little discomfort upon I’s door
Answer with gratitude
Before the door’s no more

Stop fighting what is
Surrender to life
Accept the lessons
Before they bring strife

Let us pray for the day
That humility comes knocking
For it’s through embarrassment and shame
That we observe I’s game
And are guided to truth
The knowing through embodiment
Of the blessing of at-one-ment

The one true nature
That you are I

The realization
That I
Was a lie




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