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TERRAN DAILY explores some of the possible reasons for the growing numbers of children who are diagnosed with ADHD and autism. Is the problem really with the children?

Have you noticed how many children now are seen as difficult or having special needs? I certainly have. In my 30+ years as an occupational therapist, I have seen diagnoses of ADHD and autism spiral, and have encountered an increasing number of children – even without these diagnoses – who have exceedingly strong wills, dreamy or fiery temperaments, and definite notions of what they like and don’t like, will and will not do. These children have a hard time fitting in with mainstream education and busy working families. I have parented one such child and am now a grandmother to another.

Where are all these children coming from and why? I have heard many theories. Some people say ‘the epidemic’ is because of all the toxins we take in through our polluted air, water, food, medicines, body care products and cleaners. In 2009, the US Center for Disease Control published a report stating that over 75 toxic chemicals have been found in peoples’ blood and urine.

Another theory is that our children’s problems are due to the electromagnetic pollution we experience from high power lines, mobile phones and phone towers, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and so on. Other people postulate that watching television during the brain’s formative first three years predisposes children to ADHD, as the brain becomes accustomed to TV’s rapid-fire images and can no longer tolerate the slower pace of ordinary life.

One Psychology Today article, ‘Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD’, suggests that the key to the exponentially increasing incidence of ADHD could be the breakdown of traditional family values and discipline.

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  1. Avatar Ruma SenGupta : March 5, 2017 at 5:20 am

    Thank you for this article on children with autism, as I am mother of such a child. From Ruma in Bangladesh

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