Silently, smoothly love glides.
A sliver of interest here,
A spark of connection there,
A touch of wonder here,
A stroke of beauty there,
A stir, a shake, creating radiant little pockets of love.

Flowing through chasms,
Glowing in darkness,
Shining through hearts,
Growing, covering, spreading,
Expanding, no longer a beginning or an end.

The heart yearns for this love,
The gentle caress of its strength.
To remain forever immersed in its depth,
Diving deep into that stillness,
Guided by the glow, leading us to eternity.

Alas, the mind pulls us away,
Steering us with thoughts.
The slightest stroke of blame,
A hint of criticism, a flash of fury, a tide of anger
Creates a roar so loud, love hides, fearful and small.

The heart shrinks, love disappears,
Until it rises with the strength of its creator,
Pushing all else away,
Churning, twisting, molding,
Until love becomes that which it is – Divine.

Eternal Divine Love!

Poetry and Illustration by PRIYA HEGDE

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