Love is always here and now


BARBARA J. LEVIN O’RIORDAN shares her experience of calling on Love and the realization that it does not need explanation.

My old motto used to be, “I can always take a small step.” I still love that motto, but a new one has taken first place: “Love is always here and now.”

The 20th century spiritual Guide, Babuji Maharaj, tells us that we can “call on Love”.

A few months ago, someone insulted me quite unpleasantly, and I decided that I did not want to waste time with my usual reactions of aggression or withdrawal. I had done those things too many times and was well aware that they do not really go anywhere. So I called on Love. I specifically asked, “Fill me with Love so I can give it to so-and-so.” I was amazed to find that the response from Nature was immediate. I felt Love coming into me and going out to the person who had insulted me. That was my first experience in calling on Love, and it was an introduction to new learning. I started to see that I could call on Love any time I wanted. The only stipulation was that when Love came, I had to give it away. I realized that I am not here to fill myself with Love for my own enjoyment, or at the expense of others.

I realized that I am not here to fill myself with Love
for my own enjoyment, or at the expense of others.

We know that when we love ourselves we can also love everyone else, and that when we do not love ourselves, loving anyone else is impossible. I also discovered that if I love another person, that love also generalizes to everyone.

I found that I was able to ‘borrow’ Love and all good things from those in whom those good things inhered. For example, Brijrani-Mother, the wife of Lalaji Maharaj, was noted for her love of all Lalaji’s followers. She is our Mother, and a Mother cannot deny love to any child. One day, I was annoyed with a particular person, and, in that state of mind, could not find any love for them. So I asked Brijrani-Mother if I could borrow love from her so that I might treat that person with Love.

After I became filled with her Love, I had the idea that I could borrow any good quality from anybody or anything, so long as I used it for Love’s sake. For example, I could borrow patience from the mountains, and wonderment from the stars.


I started to understand that the human being is the center of the world – not as is commonly understood through the right to plunder the world for what it can offer, but, instead, through the right to ask for the use of anything in the service of the right purpose. I could take what I needed, so long as I was borrowing and paying forward, not taking.

For a while I was a little confused because I could not discern whom or what I really loved. I also wondered whether, in borrowing from the sun and the mountains and the sky, I was lapsing into some kind of paganism. But then I learned that, “Love exists for its own sake.”

I found that I was able to ‘borrow’ Love and all good
things from those in whom those good things inhered.

That statement filled me with extraordinary joy because I immediately understood that I did not have to ask any questions about Love. I did not have to wonder from whom it came, or whom it was for, or to whom it belonged, or who had a right to it. It was just there and I could call on it.

Then I realized that I could call on it not because it is always ‘there’, but because it is always ‘here’. I cannot really explain the difference between ‘there’ and ‘here’, except to say that ‘there’ seems as if it is somehow far away and ‘here’ seems as if it is immediate. If something is ‘here’, well then ‘here’ is not tomorrow but now.

So I started to see that Love is always here and now. I do not need to understand more than that.

I must say, however, that knowing Love is always here and now seems to have filled me with another kind of understanding that cannot be explained in words. I suppose I could mine this feeling and come up with a lot of explanations, and even some good ones – about feeling fearless, and following rather than leading, and knowing that nothing comes from me, and knowing that each moment, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, is worth more than a cluster of rubies – but none of those explanations could possibly suffice.


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