The magic of unseen laws


ELINA PINTA experiments in her personal life with the laws of the universe.

Sometimes we are clearly reminded of the magic of life. It shows itself in the form of a perfect coincidence, the guidance of intuition, and splashes of inner knowing. And it leaves us in absolute amazement, thinking how this could possibly happen. In these moments we start to notice that there is much more in life than we see and know. And when we notice these little miracles and feel grateful for them, they show up more and more.


It was like that with me. Irrationally perfect events with positive consequences started to happen to me regularly. I could not ignore them any more as simple coincidences. For example, I suddenly had the feeling to go to an event where I met one of the most special friends in my life. Or while traveling I was able to intuitively find a fountain on a hot summer day in an unknown city.

Such events became so regular that they encouraged me to start to play with this magic and to test it consciously. For example, in my first year of university I noticed that in exams I always intuitively learned the material for which there were questions. So in the remaining years I prepared only a few answers and I always picked the right material and never failed an exam.

With time I started to perceive these magical moments as a natural and beautiful part of my daily life. But they also sparkled my interest to understand more deeply how life was actually functioning. Through these small wonders I recognized that life is much more mysterious than I was told in my family, school, university and through the mass media.

Gradually I realized that I had fallen ‘asleep’ and forgotten that life is a secret mystery. As a child I was living this mystery and discovering it every day with amazement. But with time, I became so busy with other things – school, university, job, etc. – that I forgot to explore the world by myself. I was mainly consuming the results of the discoveries of others, such as modern scientists and philosophers. But I became aware that I had to take initiative and become a discoverer and a spiritual scientist for myself.

As I consciously experimented with this magic more and more, I noticed that behind all events were similar principles and patterns. They became clearer to me, when I stumbled on the widely known law of attraction. It partly explained the wonders I was experiencing.

With this new knowledge I dived into new experiments, and met a lot of success in consciously creating the things I wanted in life, but also had regular failures and disappointment. There was something missing. And it came to me that the law of attraction was just a piece of a bigger puzzle: the universal or spiritual laws.

So I discovered that there is a whole beautifully designed system of interconnected laws, which govern life in the universe and influence each and every aspect of it. While exploring the other laws, such as the law of divine oneness, the law of rhythm etc., I understood that we need to align with all universal laws in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The law of attraction is often used just as a way for people to get what they want in life. Then its deeper spiritual meaning in the wholeness of the universal laws is missed. That is why people fail in manifesting what they wish in their lives, because of lack of knowledge about finer spiritual aspects of the universal laws and their interconnectedness.

With practice, I recognized other reasons for my lack of success in using the laws in my life. One of them was in not understanding that the universal laws are constant laws of nature, just as the ones known to modern science and taught in school. They are as real and predictable as the laws of physics, chemistry or astronomy. So if you are using the spiritual laws and do not get the desired results, it is not because the laws do not work suddenly. It is because we do not know or apply all aspects of the laws correctly. The universal laws are as precise as the laws of mathematics. So you have to develop a deeper understanding of finer aspects of the laws and take some time to practice to use them successfully.

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Article and illustrations by ELINA PINTA

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