Make someone’s day today

Make someone’s day today

Have you heard of random acts of kindness? A whole movement has been created around doing kind things for strangers as well as the people we love. The idea is also to inspire others to be kind, to pass it forward, without expecting anything in return.

Here is a list of kind acts you might like to try:

1. Call your grandparents just to say hullo and ask how they are doing.

2. Hold the door open for people. Give your seat on the bus or train to someone else.

3. Plant a tree.

4. Make two lunches for school and give one away.

5. Be encouraging to others when they doubt themselves. Do the dishes at home, even if it is someone else’s turn.

6. Be especially loving to someone when they deserve it least, as that is when they need it most.

7. Give your parents the benefit of the doubt.

8. Listen well to anyone who talks to you.

Or, make your own list below:

Make someone’s day today

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