A new social theory

A new social theory

NS NAGARAJA looks at the great social structures of governance throughout human history and proposes a new one for the 21st century.

There is a large group of rationalists who reject spirituality because for them there is no proof of God or the soul or even consciousness. This apparent lack of evidence is robbing many of the possibility to explore meditation.

Here it pays to examine another perspective. For a very long time, monarchs ruled and managed societies around the world. The monarchic system favored the rich and powerful ones, but the common people suffered. This led to new thinking and philosophies of how to organize and govern the state. Some people disliked the idea of the individual owning resources, and they proposed a new theory of social organization which allowed all the resources and properties to be owned by the community. The community members could contribute and receive according to the need and, sometimes, ability. This theory of communism was a promise of better life.

In the beginning I don’t think any of these social models were created taking into consideration the economic value and the overall impact on geo-political factors. Instead, those who were suffering, with hope, accepted and tried each new model, which was given a chance by all. Similar is the case with the theory of democracy, socialism and capitalism. We as a human society have strived to improve our lives by trying various social theories and models without having any empirical proof of their implications.

Let’s look at science. It is full of theories, which generally come first, and the experiments come later. The models evolve. We test them. Some survive and some go away. All are given an opportunity to be proven.

Now take spirituality as a theory, which proposes to improve the social organization by improving the organization of individual mind. It proposes that through meditation it is possible to expand awareness and consciousness to make the individual mind purer and wiser. A meditative mind and contemplative life can help us to evolve our personality and bring peace and joy in life, hence creating a better society. As we fix the inner, the external will change for the good.

It is such a simple idea to try out – spirituality as a way of inner governance. We have tried communism, democracy, socialism and capitalism. We have given a chance to consumerism. We are explorers. It is time we change our thinking fundamentally and explore the spiritual movement, which is the inner movement.

We can change the world
by changing our self –
is that not a reasonable argument ?

The practice of meditation assisted by Transmission helps in evolution of the self, infinitely by:

– Organizing and purifying the mind
– Increasing awareness beyond the senses
– Expanding consciousness

The outcome is:

– A calmer mind
– Enhanced discrimination and decision-making ability
– Positive attitude and joyous approach to life
– Development of wisdom
– Development of perception towards the real nature of self and universe

How to implement this approach:

Step 1 Learn meditation along with willing family members with a scientific bent of mind
Step 2 Observe and record changes in yourself for a period of 6 months or a year
Step 3 While you learn and change, share with others
Step 4 Record for yourself the changes

This spiritual movement not only has a simple theory but also an utterly simple approach of implementation and practice. The world as a whole is one large being made up of smaller beings. When the part changes, the whole also changes. We can change the world by changing our self – is that not a reasonable argument ? Let us give it a shot wholeheartedly.

Article by NS NAGARAJA

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