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People of the earth

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People of the earth

I am an artist and a spiritual seeker.

My creative drive is a deep longing.

In art I look for what is behind the outer appearance for what is within – a reflection of soul.

Being born in Marseille into a French and Danish family, I have always sought to connect cultural influences in creative expressions.

Traveling has therefore been a part of my life ever since childhood and still is. The meeting with different original cultures, especially in India and Greenland, have been landmarks for me. In both places, I have felt a strong connection and the feeling of coming home. In my paintings and sculptures I aim to reflect an atmosphere of places and how it can be experienced.

At one point, I realised that the inner spiritual journey, for me, is far more nurturing than the outer, and since then I have been practising heart meditation on a regular basis. I here discover another way to return home – a state of being – which is now a focal point in my art with portraits and landscapes – the reflection of soul.




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