Raising consciousness – part 3

Raising Consciousness

In April 2020, BRUCE LIPTON spoke with UDAY KUMAR about the transition our planet is going through right now, and what we need to do to raise our consciousness to the next level. In part 3, he goes into more detail on quantum physics, conditioning, positive and negative thinking, immunity, and how we can enable a loving world.

BL: Quantum physics is based on the culture of Hindu science, and that is why so many scientists from India are working in the realm of quantum physics; it’s cultural programming, they are already predisposed to it. This is a really important part of the programming process, and then putting consciousness back in.

People have no idea that they’re playing these subconscious programs at every level, for example in the field of health, from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease – all these are due to stress. In cancer, less than 10% is connected to heredity, and type 2 diabetes is all about lifestyle.

So, what’s relevant here? We have been conditioned to believe that the weakness in our health is just part of our biology, and that’s absolutely and totally incorrect.

We have become weak because of people programming our biology, taking away our power. A standard, classic example of losing power is when children are sick. What is the message and what is the action? “Oh, you’re sick, you have to go to the doctor.” Mommy’s sick, she goes to the doctor; daddy goes to the doctor when he’s sick. So, what is the programming of the child? The first programming when it comes to health is, “I’m not in charge.” We give power over my health to the doctor. If that’s your programming, 95% of the time you’re operating with the belief that “if the doctor says it’s X then I’m going to get X, because the doctor knows and I don’t.”

People have no idea that they’re playing
these subconscious programs at every level.

We take the consciousness of the doctor, or the subconscious patterning, and apply it to our own lives, and then we become the diagnosis or the prognosis. “This is what’s going to happen to you,” says the doctor, and then it happens! What a coincidence. Does the doctor know? No, the doctor programs us, because we gave up our power when we said, “What do I know? The doctor is the professional.” If the doctor says this, this is truth in our minds, and the function of the mind is to take truth and turn it into reality.

If it’s a bad prognosis I can kill myself with belief. Positive belief is the placebo effect, just like a sugar pill which I believe is medicine. When I heal from this pill, I actually heal from my belief – that’s the placebo effect. And the other thing people don’t talk about is the consequence of negative thinking.

Negative thinking is equally as powerful in shaping our lives as positive thinking. And negative thinking goes on more than positive thinking. Negative thinking is taking away your vitality, your health; it’s creating disease, it’s causing you to die earlier, it can cause you to have cancer, all these things. Because the chemistry of negative thinking does not support vitality; it’s for protection. Negative thinking means I’m afraid, I need protection. Protection means to wall yourself off. But nobody lives walled off from the world, you’re going to die in there. Fear shuts down your growth and your immune system. Stress hormones are released when you’re afraid of something – right now, the coronavirus, or the saber-toothed tiger from the original story. If I’m running away from a saber-toothed tiger, I want all the energy available in my body, the very last molecule of energy, because that might be the energy that keeps my foot out of his mouth.

The biology and chemistry of fear are stress hormones. What do they do? It’s simple, profound, and very important for everyone to know. Stress hormones prepare me to run away from that tiger. Blood is where energy is, so, if I’m going to run away from that tiger, where do you think I want my blood to go? To my arms and legs. I’ve got to run. When stress hormones are released in my body out of fear, one of the first things they do is cause the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shut, so, where is the blood going to flow to preferentially now? It’s going to be pushed to the outside, through to my legs where I need it for running. I feel the butterflies in my stomach; I feel a little queasy. I can feel the stress hormones shutting down the blood vessels this way. But now I’ve just shut off the viscera. What is their function? Taking care of the body, replenishing the system, putting the energy in, filtering out the toxins, the dirt, the viruses – cleaning and maintaining the body. So, when I’m running from the tiger I’m not taking care of the body, I’m using the energy to run.

The immune system uses a lot of energy. We know this because when we are sick we don’t have enough energy to even get out of bed. So, in the scenario, where I’m being chased by a saber-toothed tiger and I also have a bacterial infection, how would I split the energy? How much energy would I use to fight the bacteria, and how much do I need to run away from the tiger?

Q: Use it to run away from the tiger, because I can see it!

BL: When the stress hormones kick in, not only do they shut down the growth of the body, they also shut off the immune system. And they are so effective that doctors use this therapeutically. If you need a kidney transplant and I give you a kidney, your immune system is going to kill it because it’s foreign to your body. I don’t want your immune system to wipe out the transplanted kidney, so, before you get the kidney, guess what we give you? Stress hormones. Now, when the kidney goes in your immune system won’t be working to reject it. That’s a therapeutic use.

What do you think is happening in your day-to-day life when you are stressed out? Exactly the same thing. Stress hormones shut down your growth, your immune system, and you can even die from it. When was the system designed? When the only thing we were running away from was the saber-toothed tiger, which would interrupt the system for say 10 to 15 mins. If you got away from the tiger, no more stress, and you went back to growth and your immune system. But look at today’s world. Stress is present 24/7, 365 days. Every day it is, “Will I get enough money?” “Will I get health care?” my relationships, my neighborhood … it goes on and on. Our biology wasn’t designed to run on perpetual stress; we’re only supposed to use it in small doses. When you shut down your body’s maintenance, the viscera, and when you shut down the immune system, there is only one consequence – sickness to death.


Because there’s a stop to growth, to maintenance, and to the immune system, now you are meat to anything. Now, back that up and ask: What’s going on in today’s world? Why is the population compromised in the first place? Why is this coronavirus so disastrous? First of all, it’s not disastrous – it’s a belief, a fear that it’s disastrous. So, why are so many people affected by it? It’s simple. Every year we have the flu season, and the viruses that cause the flu do not grow well at body temperature, it’s too hot; they need to be cooler than the body. Where in the body is it cooler? The respiratory tract from the nose, mouth, throat down to the lungs, because if it’s cold outside we breathe in cold air that’s not body temperature. And therefore, the cells that are lining the respiratory tract are more susceptible to a virus because they grow where it’s colder. Hence, flu season is winter time.

Our biology wasn’t designed to run on perpetual stress;
we’re only supposed to use it in small doses.
When you shut down your body’s maintenance, the viscera,
and when you shut down the immune system,
there is only one consequence – sickness to death.

Every year, the flu virus mutates a little bit. There are coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and other viruses. Historically, we have been passing around the same kinds of flu viruses generation after generation, and our immune system has the memory of these viruses. If you’re 40 years old and have had a cold or the flu, your immune system already has the memory. All of a sudden, a new virus comes that is not part of human history to date. Now, none of us have a memory of it and we’re vulnerable to it. So, almost everybody is going to catch this new flu.

Every year, the flu kills the same number of people in the US. Roughly 0.1% of everyone who gets the flu dies. Up to 61,000 people in the US can die of the flu and we will still be in the normal range. Who’s dying? People whose health is already compromised because they are old, or they have cancer or cardiovascular disease, whose immune system is already busy. These people form a group that is more sensitive to falling sick. Now, if the flu kills 3 to 4%, that’s a hundred times scarier! They are the numbers we’ve been given.

So, let’s talk about the consciousness of it. A year ago, when the flu season was coming, you got your flu shot if you were vulnerable; it happens every year and everybody is prepared for it. Now this year, we learn that the flu is coming and people are going to die everywhere – perhaps one or two million in the US. That is a completely different broadcast. That is a fear broadcast, so now there’s stress, and this causes the release of stress hormones that shut off your immune system. So, it’s already a new virus and we’re all vulnerable to it, and on top of that the illness will be more severe than ordinarily because stress has compromised our immunity.

Q: So do you think the messaging should have been different, Bruce?

BL: 100%! The fear is this: Instead of 0.1% of the population, it’s 3 to 4%. That’s 2 million Americans who are going to die, and I could be one of them! Let me tell you the false part. How do you determine the mortality rate? You look at how many people die and divide it by the total number of people that have the disease. In one place in Italy, they did a survey of everybody in the city and tested them for the virus. 44 to 50% of the people tested positive but had no symptoms. A lot of people who get this flu will be fine, they’ll get a sniffle or a cold, if their immune system is working well. They’re not going to go to the doctor. Why is this important? If you take all the ones who did not report it and add that to the total, and then divide it by the number of deaths, it’s below 1%. Now we’re in the range of an aggressive flu but not a deadly flu. Now, take that range, stress the hell out of people, let them stop their immune system, and see the outcome. The symptoms are anyway more severe because it’s more aggressive than normal, but look at the consciousness of the way they’re selling it. There’s a very big push to scare people, and the result is that you and I are at home. The world is at home, people are not working, and some of us are okay because, for me, I don’t do any lectures outside at this time of the year aside from teaching here in New Zealand.

Q: You have amazing leadership quality in your Prime Minister, so authentic.

BL: She gets me all emotional when she speaks, because she’s so real. I was here when the shootings in the mosque occurred, and being from the US you’re desensitized and you think, “Yet another shooting.” But the way she managed the crisis, at the end of the day there was no split in this country; it was one unified country. Her point was, “We are not that,” and within a week the government outlawed all automatic weapons. It only took one week. And she was recognized by the Muslim community as one of the most wonderful leaders of this world. She was singled out and honored for her response to this event. So, I’m so proud to be here with a leader who is real.

Q: In a lot of your messages, there is the idea that the undercurrent of energy is love, and you speak a lot about that.

BL: Absolutely. If I was going to make an oscilloscope picture, showing the vibration, love is a nice, smooth wave, whereas noise is not. Harmony is in the sine wave, peace; anything out of harmony is jagged. So, the effort of meditation is to take people out of the jagged and put them in the sine wave, because if they can manage this they have control. But if they are jagged that means they have lost the control, and now they’re responding like a ping pong ball bouncing all over the place, depending on who’s handling the paddle.

Q: So, let me ask you, what do you think about 5G?

BL: A blanket statement? Do I think 5G is harmful? The answer is: It could be. I don’t have all the data, because it’s not being tested appropriately. Why do I think it could be? Biological cells, as quantum physics units, are all based on vibration and energy. And the frequency of vibration has a very low amplitude, very low power. So, the lower the power, the more it aligns with the power of the cells. If there’s loud noise you can’t think, right? What happens is your hearing shuts it off. You walk into a room and there’s a smell; once you identify the smell, you will shut off that smell and wait for a new smell. If a vibration that is useful in biology comes in, and the amplitude is so high, so loud, the cell does not listen to it, just as the ears shut down and the nose shuts down. When frequencies from the outside are biologically too loud, the cells shut down and do not listen. 5G are in a range of frequencies that are functional in a cell’s life, so 5G amplification occurs and the cells could stop listening to that signal. That’s like blindfolding someone and telling them to cross the road. If I can’t see it, I’m missing the signal, so 5G is doing this.

Is 5G underlying the coronavirus issue? I don’t think so, because the virus is spreading in areas where there is no presence of 5G at all, especially rural, remote areas, and countries that don’t have that technology.

Q: I really like the way you framed it; that there is a lot of room to experiment, because the effects can be profound.

BL: I’ll tell you what the failure of most research is: In our conventional world, when I do research in a laboratory, they say this chemical affects this cell, and more of the chemical will have more of an effect, so, turn up the volume. If one frequency doesn’t have an effect, turn up the volume, the effect will be much worse. But that is completely wrong. If the volume is too high, then the system ignores the signal in the first place, because it’s out of range of the biology. The idea is to drop the power, drop the amplitude down, and then do the research, because if the cells are in the range of listening, then that’s where it will have an impact. With too much amplitude, too much volume, if the signal is too distorted, I’m not listening to the signal. So, the research is backwards.

Harmony is in the sine wave, peace;
anything out of harmony is jagged.
So, the effort of meditation is
to take people out of the jagged
and put them in the sine wave,
because if they can manage this
they have control.

Q: I think of you sometimes as the New Age Galileo appealing to the New Age church.

BL: I hate the concept of the church, because for me that’s when manipulation started. That’s when people made up the rules and other people blindly followed them. Who made them up? A dear friend of mine, Anita Moorjani, who wrote Dying to be Me, had a near death experience where she left her body while in a coma. Once she recognized that it was consciousness that caused the cancer, she came back out of the coma, and within hours the cancer was on its way out. So, where did that hell come from? You put fear in a person and then say, “I can help you with that fear. How much money have you got?” Anita’s story is what I ascribe to, when you’re out in this field, and an energy field has consciousness but no physical body to it. And she says that what happens on Earth stays on Earth; there is no hell. We came here to experience these things. If you take hell out of the picture, most of the world’s religions would disappear in a minute.

Q: Well, the instruments have been fear and temptation. They have been the triggers.

BL: There’s something called the biological imperative that’s built into every living thing from bacteria to humans. It’s the drive to survive when threat kicks in. Even bacteria don’t just sit there and say, “Kill me.” They will do everything to stay alive. And it isn’t just individual survival but the survival of the species, so the biological imperative is also the drive to reproduce, the sex drive. Every organism has it built in; it’s part of our nature.

So, when anyone says that the sex drive is a sin, and sex is bad, I say, “Well, you can say that to my head, but unconsciously my drive is to do it, and so everyone’s going to sin because it’s inbuilt to have sex.” So, what they ended up doing was making sex dirty and evil, and you couldn’t do it according to biblical law. That’s manipulation. How smart is that, because people are sinning and atoning for it by giving money.

Q: Before we end, let’s do some rapid word fire. People would also like to know the man behind Bruce Lipton.


BL: Blue-green, Planet Earth.

Q: Food?

BL: I love food.

Q: The book that inspired you a lot?

BL: In physics, The Cosmic Code by Heinz Pagels. I didn’t have any insight into quantum physics, but once I read this book I thought it is the science that explains everything. And, of course, that’s the spiritual science because in quantum physics they use the word “field” which is invisible energy which gives shape to the particle.

The definition of “field” is the invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. So, the words “field” and “spirit” have the same definition. The field is an energy source that shapes the world in which we live, and none of my colleagues in conventional medicine had any understanding at that time of quantum physics, which is the most truthful science.

Q: Favorite place?

BL: Any island with palm trees and warm water. I used to live in the Caribbean. I’m a warm weather guy, so I come to New Zealand when it’s winter in California, and go back there to summer when it’s winter here.

Q: Your dream?

BL: I’m living it. I’ve been on a honeymoon for 22 years with my partner, Margaret, and it’s a honeymoon every day expressed with joyous juicy love.

Q: Is there one message you’d like to share?

BL: My particular message is this: There’s a belief for many people on this planet that when you die you can go to a place called heaven. Well, each individual has their own version of heaven, and I want to suggest something based on the new biology and the physics. You don’t die and go to heaven; you’re born into heaven. This is where we come to create, and when you’re empowered and operating from your conscious mind and running your life, it’s usually expressed as something called a honeymoon. When people let go of their programs and become mindful, their life becomes heaven on Earth and they enjoy it much more than suffering through it. Enjoy it now, when you have the opportunity and the body to create that experience. The story that Margaret and I are celebrating for 22 years is rewriting those programs, so that they represent our wishes and desires rather than somebody else’s download.

Q: I like that. It aligns with what we say in Heartfulness – it’s not give love or take love, it’s become love.

BL: I ascribe to that process. I hope you have something useful that will help everyone get their power back. And wake up as many people as possible, so that we can all collectively manifest it. Raising consciousness is the game, and I wish you luck with that.

Interviewed by UDAY KUMAR
Illustrations by ANANYA PATEL

Bruce Lipton

About Bruce Lipton

Bruce is an internationally acclaimed leader in bridging science and spirituality. He is a stem cell biologist, the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and other books, and the 2009 Goi Peace Award recipient. He is a prolific and sought-after guest speaker and keynote presenter, who brings awareness of the heart and consciousness into modern science.

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