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Red or blue?

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Red or blue?

VERA MUENCH alerts us all to a choice we make every moment of our lives. What will you choose?

More and more people feel somehow unsatisfied and uneasy about their lives, their jobs, or their relationships. Is there more to life than this?

We work hard, we earn material benefits for our immense efforts, and we can afford a lot of nice things. Actually, we think that we should be very happy. But instead, we feel a void inside and no matter how many nice things we have, however many steps we take on the career ladder, that void is never filled. So it continues. A bigger car, a bigger house, more clothes, another vacation, more toys for the kids, a bigger TV, the latest smartphone, etc. We enjoy these things for a little while but then wonder why we are not happy.

We think back to times in our childhood when we simply enjoyed life, not having to think or worry about anything. How nice to be that free again! We feel trapped but don’t see any way out. Because the world is the way it is. We need a job to pay for all the things we own, to be safe when we are old, and to offer our children a good life now and a better future than we had. And so we tell ourselves: “Once I retire, I will do all the fun things I am dreaming of. Then I will be free to do whatever I want.”

But for now we are caught on the treadmill. And although one voice says, “Accept it, this will keep you safe,” another voice says, “Break free! You want to do something else? Go for it!”

Do you recognise yourself? Congratulations. And you are not alone.


Waiting for retirement cannot really be the serious answer. Life is not only about suffering; it is also about enjoyment. It is an experience and we should make the best of it. But we are programmed to believe that suffering is necessary to enter paradise. Guess what? You can have paradise right now.

We carry the key within.
Paradise is inside each and every one of us.
Unfortunately we have locked that door for ourselves
because we have been taught something else.

We have forgotten a tiny bit of information,which is very necessary to rediscover, and that is what this wake up call is all about. It alerts us to that inner calling. Our true self is trying to surface to show us that there is so much more than just existing. It reminds us that the answer to inner peace and happiness can never be found outside ourselves. We carry the key within. Paradise is inside each and every one of us. Unfortunately we have locked that door for ourselves because we have been taught something else.


Have you seen the movie, The Matrix? In it, people are programmed to experience certain things without being in a real world. All of their experiences are illusions and projections. When Neo, the main character, comes outside the matrix for the first time and is asked to bring humanity back to its true existence, he is asked if he wants to swallow the red or the blue pill. The red one will fully awaken him to reality and detach him from the matrix programming. The blue one will put the veil of forgetfulness back over him and he will go back into the illusory state within the matrix.

Are we any different? You might think, “But I have free will, and I can vote and I can buy all these great things that I want to have, I can choose where I want to live and travel, etc.” Yes, but is this true freedom? Why do we then feel incomplete? …

Read the complete article in Volume 2, Issue 2


Article by VERA MUENCH



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